Biggie's First Baby Mama Speaks About The Movie, Diddy, Faith Evans...and Lil Kim?!

Jan Jackson [a.k.a. the mother of Notorious BIG's oldest child, T'yanna] was recently interviewed by Chicago radio personality Sam Sylk of Power 92.3 FM. During the six minute bit, Jan spoke about how her and some of Biggie's friends and family from Brooklyn were commemorating the 13th year of his passing, how she and Big's ex-wife Faith Evans get along great, even referring to Faith as her "wife-in-law", and that she didn't find out that Lil Kim was Biggie's side piece until after his death. *blink-blink-stare*

Anyhoo, no need to decode nor read between the lines because Jan lays it all out. Check it out:

While you're at it....also check out this video clip I found while YouTubing. It's T'yanna speaking about her late father. Ummm, let's just say she looks EXACTLY like her dad!
*drops the phone receiver*

13-yr old Christopher Wallace, Jr. and 16-yr old sister T'yanna Wallace

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